KARACHI - The Transport and Communication Department of CDGK has failed to start various important traffic related plans, including construction of bus terminals at Supper Highway, videocassettes of road safety and drivers training programmes. The construction of inter-city bus terminals at Supper High Way and National Highway were due for the past several years. The places where terminals are to be constructed had been demarcated, however, the construction of terminals for inter-provincial buses delayed due to the encroachment by the land grabbers and some other communities. Differences between TCD and provincial transport ministry are also another reason in the delay of the terminals. However, the CDGK successfully developed a bus terminal at Yousuf Goth, in Baldia town for Baluchistan bound buses. But two other bus terminals have been delayed very much. However, if the remaining two are to be constructed also, the city would be cleaned from the inter-provincial buses. Transport and Communication Department (TCD) of CDGK also failed to start the training of the drivers of public vehicle transport in collaboration with Motorway police. The program was planned to train the public to prevent road accidents and also to abide by the driving rules. The plan was conceived by the CDGK authorities to control increasing ratio of road accidents, but the plan still lying in the shelves. Keeping in view the situation of traffic related accidents and other traffic problems, the TCD had also decided to reorganize the two days course of Road Safety Education programme for the training of teachers of CDGK runs schools. And these programs were started and implemented in various schools of the city, an official of the TCD claimed. The teachers training program had been initiated last year and was successfully run at CDGK head office Civic Center, where in every week, two teachers of each town were invited to get training about road safety education. While after getting training, they transferred the road safety education to their students. But the program was suspended due to the summer vocations last year, and then it was restarted this year after hectic efforts. It may be noted that an average of around 600 persons get killed and around 2000 injured in road accidents, every year in Karachi since 1990. Out of 600 killed people, 56% are pedestrians and out of them 25 % are children, according to the statistics prepared by TCD and traffic police. The TCD officials said that teachers are being imparted knowledge about road safety education in this program. Whereas, after getting training, the teacher educate the school children during school timing about the importance of road safety education and teach them the basic rules and regulations of traffic for crossing the roads. As 56 % pedestrians killed every year in the fatal accident. It is pertinent to note that due to the developing of signal free corridors, the importance of road safety education has increased in large. The commuters would drive fast on the signal free corridors and pedestrians specially women, children and aged person would be easy target on such type of routes. Therefore, it is necessary to brief them about the basic rules and regulations of traffic to avoid any untoward incident. The road safety education program had been launched by keeping in view that teachers are in direct contact with the school children during the school timing, thus they would be in better position to teach the road safety education to the school children and massage of the education would spread rapidly at grass root level in 18 towns. But unfortunately, due to the lethargic attitude of some officials, teachers training program about road safety education could not be restarted so far.