KARACHI - The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of the Sindh police arrested a Deputy Commander of Taliban in a raid conducted in Sultanabad area here on Friday while his three accomplices managed to escape. The arrested person was later identified as Ayaz Khan alias Abu Kasha, a throat- slitter belonging to TTP Swat. SIU chief SSP Raja Umer Khattab said that a team headed by DSP Ali Raza cordoned off a house located in Sultanabad area of Keamari Town near the under-construction building of American Consulate. The police came under heavy fire as they approached the house after the militants observed that police had besieged their hide-out, he said. Several policemen managed to make their way inside the residence where they came across a man who tried to blow himself up with a hand grenade, he added. The grenade did not explode even though the pin had been taken off. However they arrested the armed person, SSP said. Speaking to the media later on, DSP Raza said their actual target was a Taliban commander Fazl-e-Ghaffar, who was looking after his battalion in Swats Shamzai Valley. Raza said they had information that Fazl was inside the house alongwith three of his accomplices who were taking refuge from the war in the restive Valley. These people were involved in an attack last week on an army convoy they had launched with the help of pressure cookers, he said. "The man we have arrested, Ayaz is Fazls lieutenant and we hope to extract some extremely important information from him," he added. The police, however, managed to recover only three pistols and a hand grenade. Raza also said the absconders are charged with murder as they had taken responsibility for the brutal throat-slitting of three policemen and a pesh imam of a local mosque in Swat.