The avalanche of editorials and opinion columns on merits of another martial law in Pakistan with reference to Altaf Hussains recent statement is disturbing. What could be more disconcerting than the fact that we are discussing even the possibility, yet again Please let Mr Zardari die a natural political death by letting him finish this presidential tenure. Kicking him out prematurely would be akin to throwing him a life line. He would immediately go back to Sindh as another political victim of the Punjabi establishment and the high tide of hatred we see risen against him in the wake of these terrible floods would simply subside away. You know how all forgiving our people are We must understand that whenever the political process is interrupted or aborted, undesirable results are created. So for sake of the future of our children and grandchildren, we should let the present dispensation run amok and muck as much as they want so that we can at least have a hope of a better tomorrow. I would implore upon Mr Altaf Hussain to convince his knights and himself that this isnt absolutely necessary. Kindly drop this extremely dangerous notion. -TAIMOOR ASHRAF, Lahore, August 26.