LAHORE - The 10-day 'Aitakaf sitting of the holy month of Ramazan will begin from Monday (tomorrow). The believers will sit in seclusion in the mosques while the women will sit in their houses for divine worship. The Aitakaf sitters will sit in the mosques before Asr prayers on Monday and will end their Aitakaf with the sighting of Eid-ul-Fitr moon. They will spend the whole day and night in worship and fasting. The major congregation of Aitakaf City organised by Minhajul Quran has cancelled and an amount of Rs30 million spent on the arrangement of Aitakaf city has donated to the flood affectees. The Minhajul Quran chief Dr Tahirul Qadri has advised the Aitakaf sitters to engage themselves in the flood relief operations. Meanwhile, prominent clerics have also appealed to donate the Umra and Aitakaf spending on the flood affected persons. However, the enthusiasm to sit in Aitakaf is still present as Auqaf department has made special arrangements in its mosques and finalised the registration of Aitakaf sitters in the mosques under its control. As many as 5,000 persons applied for major Aitakaf congregation at Data Darbar where the names had announced after a ballot. Major Aitakaf sitting has also been arranged at Masjid Wazir Khan, Nila Gumbad, Masjid Mian Mir, while Masjid Jamia Manzoorul Islam, Saddar, Jamia tul Muntazar, Muslim Masjid Lohari Gate, Jamia Rizvia Aks Gumbad-e-Khizra The Mall, Jamia Madina Model Town are other prominent places in the city. Meanwhile the Shabeena mehfils will also begin after 20th Ramazan in a number of mosques. The three-day Mehfil-e-Shabeena organised by the Auqaf department will begin from 26th Ramazan. The Shabeena Mehfils will be held in the city at Badshahi mosque, Data Darbar mosque and Masjid Wazir Khan Eminent 'Qaris will recite holy Quran in the Shabeena prayers. The Shabeena mehfils will widely broadcast on the TV channels and radio.