LONDON (Agencies) - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain on Saturday said he was against the imposition of martial law, and in case it was done, he would oppose the move strongly. But he went on to say that the Supreme Court could ask the Army to act against the corrupt politicians. In an interview with a private TV channel, the MQM chief said selective accountability messed things up in Pakistan and that it would be wrong to target President Asif Ali Zardari only, adding that it would not be fair. The government should consist of honest and sincere professionals. There is a need for the public to rebel and bring revolution in the country, he remarked. I am striving hard for democracy in the country for 32 years and how can I support the traitors and the undemocratic governments. I never ever favoured any dictatorial government and would never do so in the future, maintained Altaf. He criticised direct or indirect involvement of the Army or ISI in governmental affairs. Responding to a question, Altaf said he did not talk about the imposition of martial law. However, he urged that patriotic Army generals should take martial law like steps against the corrupt politicians. Altaf said he was not a coward and he would not withdraw his statement. He said MQM was a democratic party then how could it invite martial law. He called for formation of a government consisting of honest people and professionals. Altaf Hussain noted that imposition of martial law had only led things from bad to worse. It was martial law regime that led to the dismemberment of the country and later a similar set-up resulted in worsening situation in Balochistan.