LAHORE The Wing Chair Ramazan Golf Tournament, contested over three segments at the splendid par-72 Royal Palm Golf Course, brought glad tidings for the unfamiliar Haroon Arshad who, for the first time in his golfing career, managed to eclipse some accomplished golfers by playing virtual textbook golf in the final segment. With his performance, he thereby secured the Wing Chair Ramazan Trophy and leaving hot contenders like the previous segment performers Ale Imran, Waheed Aslam, Faisal Nadeem and Tariq Mushtaq dismayed with their efforts and performance at the crucial stage of the competition. No doubt in the final go, Haroon was a model of consistency, never straying off the fairways and looking perfect on the greens; his birdie on the fourth hole was simply brilliant and equally impressive at the par on holes 2, 3 and 4 giving his scorecard the required winners lining. As for the other close contenders Ale Imran was an offender to his chances as he erred on the seventh hole unable to keep his swing on the right path resulting in loss of two critical strokes, Waheed Aslam had a mistakes loaded eight on the third hole and Faisal Naseem destroyed his chances with a double bogie on the seventh hole. Waheed Aslam bagged the nearest to pin prize on second hole while Nauman Razaq seized the trophy for the longest drive. Other winners were Sharjeel Awan (best gross), Dr Mohsin Anwar (best net) and Hamza Khan (best Rose Bowl gross). At the conclusion of the tournament, CEO of Wing Chair Dawer Rashid awarded the prizes. to the winners in a post Iftar ceremony attended by CEO Royal Palm Ramzan Sheikh, Director Golf Col Jamil Khalid, Director Marketing Faisal Umer and others.