That the Western media should criticise the philanthropic organisations helping the flood victims as militants, is perhaps understandable, while still reprehensible, but for Pakistani leaders to echo them, and proclaim that militancy is thus being strengthened is not. Even if such organisations were militant, the diversion of human and material resources towards humanitarian efforts would automatically mean less for militancy and the militant actions of which the West is so scared. However, the work of such welfare organisations has meant that Western charitable organisations, mostly church-based, have not been able to occupy the space they thought their right, while the foreign military presence, and heavy-handed attempts to develop goodwill would also find their style cramped. However, when our own national leadership joins this bandwagon, it only begs the question of what exactly are they themselves doing for flood relief? It should be kept in mind that the leadership has already come under very severe criticism for not doing enough for flood relief, to the extent that the President made two trips abroad during the worst of the floods. Their attempt to bolster themselves was a nonstarter from the beginning, but they have also damaged the welfare organisations. It is not their fault that they are motivated by the precepts of their religion, which also gives rise to the lack of fear of death that the West calls militancy. It is this derivation from the same source which has allowed the Western media to proclaim these organisations efforts as a strengthening of militancy, even though this is being done only to facilitate Western church-based organisations, and our governments agreement with these views, themselves extremist, is meant only to play upon Western fears, not to do anything for the flood victims, or save them from anything. However, the accusation also highlights the fact that these welfare organisations are doing what the West and the government are not, certainly not in time, which is actually help. Both are not playing their due role, and instead of maintaining a decent silence, are making accusations.