ISLAMABAD Ethnic discrimination originating from political interests in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has seemingly marred the relief activities in several parts of the flood-hit province. As floodwaters begin to recede following the improvement in weather conditions in KP, thus paving way for establishing access to the flood affected terrain, the absence of any vibrant government body for the redressal of peoples woes speaks volumes about the governments intentions. Reports received from Kohistan, Batgram and related belt indicate that hundreds of families are waiting for the compensation amounts of Rs 20,000 per family, to be provided to the affectees, as announced by the Federal Government. Traders bodies and local influential persons are arranging funds on their own for rehabilitation and financial assistance of flood victims. Muhammad Saeed Khan, President Trade Union Batgram, told TheNation on Saturday that sense of isolation and deprivation ran high among the masses of the area. He said that Awami National Party-led government was neglecting Kohistan, Batgram and adjoining areas simply because they fall in Hazara Division where ANP government had little political interests comparing to Nowshera, Charsadda, Dir and Swat where the scale of government monitored relief activities was much higher. Being himself a Pakhtun, Saeed wondered if any such thing like 'government existed in the region. This is discrimination based on poor political motives, he said, adding that United Nations and some international NGOs were working to provide assistance to the people but the Provincial Governments response was hopeless. In order to acquire the KP Governments version in this regard, Director General Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), KP, Shakil Qadir, was repeatedly tried to be contacted on Saturday but in vain. Several attempts were made to approach him at his designated cellular and landline numbers but every time his staff reported that the DG was in the field, visiting affected areas and was not keeping mobile phone with him, due to which his comments could not be incorporated. Further reports received from the region suggested that the KP Government needed to do more and make sure that compensation amounts reached flood victims. Alai village, a suburb of Batgram, was completely cut off from the rest of the region. In Alai, the areas including Dangwal, Byari, Gunthurh, Bateela, Kamila, Paashto and Banna saw complete destruction of infrastructure. In Kohistan, the central business hub Dubair Bazaar that was destroyed completely by flash floods lacks any substantial humanitarian response. Other affected areas of the district include Raanolia, Qyal, Jiglot and Panipatt. Sixty deaths were reported at Pattans on account of outburst of a water tunnel some days ago and hundred percent destruction was caused in Qandia but the governmental authorities at provincial and federal level remained indifferent. Over 950 to 1,000 educational institutions including primary schools, colleges and universities across KP are entirely ravaged. Moreover, over 5,000 telephone lines are out of order in Mansehra, and those of 3,000 in Havelian, a tehsil of Abbottabad, which is not flood-affected but Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) authorities are not fixing the problem on one pretext or the other citing flood factor. The exact number of damaged telephone lines in the areas worst hit by floods is not known.