MULTAN (APP) - Teachers and other staff of Government Girls College Kachehri road were shocked when they offered relief items (biscuits, bread, milk, tooth paste etc) to flood affectees accommodated in their college and they questioned about tooth paste and brush. What is this. ? How is it applied..? The question of some rural flood affectees was so shocking that for a moment, the teachers have no answers to their query. The correct answer is poverty and illiteracy for which the villagers have no fault of their own. This is indicative of very horrible situation of our rural society that how much deprived and neglected they are. Poverty is actually culprit for the disappointing situation in the South Punjab while lack of education stands second in this regard. Vice Principal, Government Girls Degree College Kachehri road Zubaida Javed, and her other fellow teachers Shagufta, Memoona, Sameena Bilal and Nyla Ishfaq who are deputed to care their miserable guests told APP that the flood affectees are highly poor and some of them have used tooth paste first time in their life in the camp. They lacked awareness in this age of internet. This is the bleak picture of our society especially living in rural areas of Jampur, Kot Addu, Muzaffargarh and other areas of South Punjab. However, the affectees were offered best possible services in the camp as vice principal pays many visits to camps to know needs of the miserable guests. The senseless ferocious flood also broke their backs after demolishing their houses, damaging their crops and killing their animals. According to survey conducted by Awaz Foundation (NGO), only four percent villages in tribal areas of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur have basic health units or dispensaries. The survey tells that 17 percent villages of these tribal areas lack schools. About 20 per cents villages are utilizing safe drinking water and the remaining 80 per cent consume water from ponds and stream and it is highly unhygienic as the animal also use the same water to quench thirst. The people in different areas also lack means of communication and sometimes they have to travel on foot for long distances to get Pick-Up (van). The flood is playing havoc with lives and properties of the people which are already neglected and deprived. The minor asset base of million has been wiped out completely. The miserable people will confront a future where they have to clear debris, rebuild houses, restock their shops and purchase house utensils for which the people have nothing. The government will have to ensure robust planning to address problems. Discontent should not be allowed to grow. Hope of future improvement should be raised to divert peoples attention from the troubles. It is not difficult to convince people that there is hope in a situation. There is need to writ off loans, water-tax to expand agriculture. Issuance of loans against low mark can help to overcome problems. The farmers should be offered seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other agri tools. BISP, FSP and Sasti Roti Schemes should be expanded in the effected areas. There is need to encourage local industry, promote foreign trade and check extravagance at all level. Beside this, short term and long term measures should be introduced to rehabilitate damaged infrastructure. Otherwise worst poverty caused by the recent flood would create chaos in the region.