Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that India should stop violations of human rights in Kashmir adding that owing to atrocities of Indian forces in Kashmi peace situation in Kashmir has become deteriorated. According to Kashmir based newspaper, Foreign minister talking to magazine said that Pakistan didn't aim friendship with India at the price of Kashmir adding that every individual in Kashmir from a minor to old man has to face brutality of Indian forces and the prevailing situation would neither be acceptable by Pakistan nor world community. He also reiterated that Pakistan would continue its moral and diplomatic support of Kashmiris for their right of self-determination added that the world community should also play its role to restraint India to stop atrocities and carnage of Kashmiri people. He also resolved that Kashmiris should n't feel them self isolated as Pakistan would support the Kashmiris for the struggle of their right of self determination and government of Pakistan would soon send its delegation across the world including America to highlight the issue of Kashmir. Pakistan aimed peaceful solution of Kashmir for stability and peace in the region. He also underlined that Pakistan has been facing worst flood wreckages and Pakistan would succeed to steer its masses stuck in floodwaters.