LAHORE Speakers at the Al-Quds conference here Saturday said with one voice that Israel could not maintain its existence in view of the recent developments in the region as the world now fully realised that Jewish state was being backed by America and it had unleashed terror on the Palestinians over the past 62 years. The conference organised under the banner of Imamia Students Organisation to stress freedom of Baitul Muqadas from the Israeli occupation also noted that the civilised world today considered America its biggest rival after it had downed upon it that whatever atrocities and brutalities Israelis were committing on Palestinians were with the nod of the US. The speakers included Allama Sayed Hassan Zafar Naqvi, Allama Syed Ahmad Iqbal Rizvi, Ameeral Azeem, Ahmad Raza Khan, Syed Nasir Abbas Sherazi, and Syed Has-san Kazmi. They said that the real face of Israel stood exposed to the world after it attacked and killed 19 persons aboard aid carrying ship, Flotilla. They said the incident had brought the Palestine issue to the limelight at the international level and the situation today was that Israel was being rebuked all over the world and it was feeling hard to keep its state as it was based on terror, oppression and brutality on the Palestinians. They said the day was not far when the blood of the Palestinian and the Lebanese martyrs would result in destruction of Israel.