MIRPUR (AJK) - Prime minister of AJ&K Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan on Saturday directed his cabinet colleagues to build close liaison with the masses, holding feedback meetings with the people to overcome the definite deficit of functional distrust between the public bodies and the layman besides to redress their grievances about the ill response of the government functionaries. This will enhance the prestige of the ministers, the government, people and departments. The ministers should make this point as an all-time focus of their functions, Attique issued these directives to his cabinet while chairing first special session of the AJK cabinet in Muzaffarabad on Saturday. I consider the cabinet as a brain-trust of the people, who have high expectations from us and together we have to fulfill their aspirations, he said. that good governance, and responsible administration were the core objectives of our govt. We have to bring about economic betterment. To achieve this, speed of our service to the masses counts much, he remarked. He, making his directives clear, asked the ministers to work for the bold promotion of basic ideology of states accession to Pakistan, keeping watchful eyes over peoples rights, honour and progress. He emphasised on reactivation and standardisation of the departmental performance and directed them to monitor on the spot performance of the respective departments by holding regular departmental review meetings. He said that the ministers should not confine themselves within their own constituencies. Observation tells that self-constituency confinement creates negative impressions among the masses. So this trend should go away and we should walk into the hearts of the people. He asked the field departments to arrange yearly Exhibitions of their products in urban and big rural zones. The sales points at Berarkote, Kohala, Kulyari, Azadpattan, Karote, Mangla, Bhiring should be set up too draw first attraction of an arriving visitor, he added.