Sindh is going through terrible times. The shelter of refuge of those having no place in their native lands during Partition is ravaged today. Its people who had proven their generosity during all the crises humanity in this part of world has been through are marooned themselves. People of other lands have been coming to its shores by the busloads and trains-full and all were provided shelter, food, clothing and warm smiles of welcome that is a forte the of Sindhi people. Nobody ever raised the issue of registration or asked of the day visitors would be going back. That is why Sindh suffered the illegal colonization of its homeland. The virtue of openness, say a misplaced good in Sindhi people, was exploited and misused and how Sindhi people were exiled from their own cities. None of the refuges, whether from the interior of Pakistan or outside had a penny in pocket when they came. They looted resources of Sindh to become the masters almighty of our cities, indeed the entire province if you see the situation now. Now these refuges of yesterday are demanding that Sindhis ravaged by floods and washed ashore their own city should be asked to register. The displaced sons of the soil now need permission for entering their own home. Sindhi people have the undoubted first right on Karachi; it is where their souls have kept an abode for centuries. But the refuges to this land who were not questioned a single time to register during their migration are now questioning the right of Sindhis. We demand from authorities that the displaced Sindhi people should be settled permanently in their own city Karachi and arrangements be made in this regard as soon as possible. -DR MOHAMMAD MATARO HINGORJO, Jamshoro, August 26.