LAHORE The Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA) on Saturday rejected the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) managements assertion that the succour for the Pakistani flood-hit people lying at Heathrow Airport, London for the last ten days, could not be airlifted to the country due to illegal 'go-slow policy of pilots. The PALPA spokesman maintained that the PIA management was not interested in bringing the relief goods to the country and itself was pursuing the 'go-slow policy. The PIA management, however, reiterated that relief items could not reach Pakistan because of pilots slackness, adding that due to their 'go-slow policy some six national and international flights were disturbed on Saturday only. Among the disturbed flights included - two international flights (one from Islamabad to Milan and the other from Karachi to London) - and four domestic flights. The Airlines spokesman alleged that the pilots were playing politics over the issue of relief goods. He claimed that the pilots often reported sick leaves late due to which the PIA had been facing difficulties in operating the flights on time. Cancellation or delay of one flight causes a loss of Rs 100 million to the PIA, he informed and added that so far the PIA had suffered Rs one billion loss due to the pilots 'go-slow policy. The PIA spokesman further informed that the relief goods from the Heathrow Airport would be lifted on the next flight. Meanwhile, the PALPA spokesmen stated if pilots were on go-slow, this would have disrupted the whole flight operation system instead of one or two flights that were disrupted by ineffective roster planning and misadministration of the Flight Operation Department. Despite all this, he maintained, the pilots were operating the flights. He further said that there were weekly 38 flights from UK to Pakistan, but the PIA management did not arrange any flight to airlift the relief goods. The PALPA spokesman further said that the Public Relations Department was allegedly politicising the issue and trying to malign the PALPA with underhand conspiracies. He said that the pilots were being maligned in order to divert public attention from the heavy losses by the PIA management. It may be mentioned that the PIA loss in the last six months had increased to staggering Rs 6.9 billion. The succour awaiting airlift at the Heathrow Airport consists of blankets, tents, tarpaulins, sheets, hygiene kits, water purification tablets and mosquito nets.