LAHORE - Central secretary general PPP Jahangir Badar has said that PPP wants to take all the political forces and groups along with them in its efforts to rehabilitate flood victims countrywide. Addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Saturday, he said that PPP was following the directions of party co-chairman. President Asif Ali Zardari is concentrating only on the relief work and did not want to indulge in point securing or blame game with any other party, as the PPP wanted to work with all the political parties and groups engaged in relief efforts. Jahangir said the rehabilitation of flood affectees was a gigantic task and the government as well as his party would continue relief efforts till the complete rehabilitation of flood-hit areas. Regarding efforts of Prime Minister and President in this regard, he said both were trying to get international aid for the biggest ever flood in the history of Pakistan. He said that PM Gilani was continuously visiting flood-hit areas and had also directed his cabinet members to struggle hard in relief efforts. On the occasion, he announced that PPP Punjab and Lahore Chapters would establish relief camps on the eve of Eid and donate all the money to the flood affectees which they had planned to spend on Eid celebrations. Badar said that camps would be set up at provincial constituency level and PPP workers and leaders would collect donations, alms, Fitrana and relief goods not only from co-workers but also from general public. On this occasion, PPP leader has failed to reply several queries of the media men especially he has failed to provide data regarding the relief efforts done by his party in the country. Jahangir was hesitant to comment over the PML-N allegations that PPP-led federal government did not respond positively to PML-N offer of formulation of joint commission for relief work. He also avoided commenting on the allegations by his party leaders that some members of Punjab government have breached the dykes in Southern Punjab to save their lands. Clarifying a statement attributed to him in a section of media regarding differences within party circles, Jehangir strongly contradicted such news reports and said that all party leaders and workers were united under the leadership of President Asif Ali Zardari.