DERA GHAZI KHAN - After the passengers coach incident, the other day, police have banned the movement of heavy as well as light traffic playing between Karachi and Peshawar on Dera Ghazi Khan - Khad Buzdar sections, increasing the miseries of the passengers. Meanwhile, Dera - Multan national highway is yet closed for the traffic, suspending the road links of DG Khan and Rajanpur districts with the rest of the country. On the other hand, the goods transporters have alleged that traffic police is not allowing the heavy traffic loaded with fruits and vegetables to pass through Ghazi Ghat Bridge over River Indus despite Dera -Chowk Karam Dad Qureshi section is opened for traffic. This step caused long queues of the traffic, they said. Dera - Multan national highway was closed on August 8 after its portion and a bridge over same nullah was swept away when the water inundated Qasba Ghazi Ghat. Although the damaged portion of the road has been repaired and the steel bridge on temporary basis has been installed but the heavy traffic is being interrupted by the police officials deployed on Geedarwala Chowk, Ghazi Ghat Bridge, Chowk Karam Dad Qureshi and various other adjoining locations. When contacted, the traffic police officials said that water was yet standing at the Bahawalnala, Baseera, Chowk Godar and due to the inundated status of the national highway, the traffic was not being allowed to ply through this flood-hit and troubled section. They said the reason behind this was that earlier a large number of trucks fell into the roadside ditches due to the poor judgment and turned-turtle. Upon the verbal directions of Dera police, chief police has been deployed at various entry and exit points on Indus highway diverting the transport of Karachi - Peshwar and vice versa where the portion of important national highway was swept away a month ago closed to the Vehoa toll plaza on Khad Buzdar By flash flows of Koura and Vehao hill torrents. The passengers and the transporters are facing much more inconvenience as the rest of the road and the approaches are already blocked and the passengers have now become the shuttle cock finding no way to move. The passengers jammed at various locations said that it was the unjustified act of the police and the national highway authorities as they were not allowed to move on various roads. They demanded of the high-ups that the transport should be allowed upto Khad Buzdar so that they could cross the flooded portion on foot and could get the transport parked on the other side of the bridge. It must be mentioned that after the part of the road flooded away the transport including the coaches, trucks are being pushed and pulled out by the tractor trolleys at variable charges below the bridge using the bed of the hill torrents as the alternate way but now their transportation is not being allowed since a Peshawar bound coach was swept away with death toll of twenty passengers. On the other hand, the slow pace of repair work over one hundred meter long portion is creating inconvenience for the vehicles as at least three thousand vehicles used to pass through this highway on daily basis with number of passengers over twenty thousand. NHA official told this scribe that the work was in progress but the regular flows of the hill torrents was main hindrance for its timely completion. It must be mentioned that hundreds of vehicles are stuck up on Dera - Multan national highway as well as on Indus highway. Meanwhile, the goods transport association demanded of the administration that heavy traffic should be allowed to pass through Ghazi Ghat Bridge in larger public interest.