LAHORE - The protest demonstrations were held in various cities including the provincial metropolis against the announcement of burning the Holy Quran by American Church and the incident of making caricatures of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). A statement issued by the Jamat-ud-Dawa stated that the protests were held in various areas of Lahore including Darogha Wala, Shad Bagh, Begum Kot, Town Ship, and at Karachi, Jhang and other cities. Hundreds of people participated in protests and condemned the church announcement besides they held banners and placards carrying slogans against the US and western governments. The speakers on the occasion said that Muslims would not tolerate such shameful acts and they would not sit silent against such shocking incidents. They at the same time demanded of the government to send the shut up calls to the responsible and put ban on the products of those countries whose citizens were involved in such acts. They asked the Ummah to be united and stand above sectarianism, as this was the only solution to end the notorious propaganda against Islam.