WARBURTON - It is very strange that a nine-month-old virgin calf (katti) of cow has started producing milk in village Tibbi Karyalli here where a great rush of people was seen to observe the freak animal. Hundred-year-old Shama Chadhar, the owner, said that the calf was nine months old and quite virgin. He said, A few days ago, I saw that its mammary glands were excreting drops of milk. However, its mammary glands increased in size within next two days. Then I started making milk that was around two kilogramme twice a day. Its milk is extraordinarily sweet. Then he made milk in the presence of the visitors. It was very amazing and astounding for them especially when they tasted it. Shama said that daily a number of people were visiting to take a single sip of sweet milk of the calf and considering it blessed milk as antidote of all diseases. However, an eminent personality of this village, Mian Muhammad Rafiq Chishti Sabri, said that that the production of milk by nine-month-old calf is a miracle of Allah Almighty but there was nothing against diseases although it was sweet in taste.