Virginia: A clever contraption has solved the age-old problem of spilling a mug of steaming hot tea or coffee when carrying it around.

The SpillNot holder promises to do away with accidental splashes bringing an end to stained floor surfaces and scolded hands. The device is made up of a curved plastic arm and nylon carry-strap that is attached to a flat base, creating the perfect balance to stop anything from spilling.

It can even be rotated around above head height, twirled in circles, or swung from side to side as it is carried without losing any liquid. The gadget uses centripetal force, a physics concept that means an object is forced to move in a curved line, to make the mug remain perfectly balanced. It can carry any mug or glass that is less than 4.5 inches wide and can be used by adults or children with hot or cold drinks.

The SpillNot costs around £10 from, a company based in Virginia. Steve Zimmermann, 32, from ThinkGeek, said: ‘Staff were walking around our office and as they carried hot drinks they were spilling them.–DM