It is extremely tragic that the Egyptian Army seems to have gone berserk in its zeal to obey the illegal, murderous orders of their Chief, whereby apart from the common supporters of President Morsi, the sons and daughters of Ikhwan Leaders are being shot specifically, to break the will of people agitating against the removal of their elected President by the military. The burden of guilt on General Al Sisi, his subordinate commanders and their foreign backers is, surely increasing with every cold blooded crime against humanity, but it's strange indeed, that the so called 'First World' is doing nothing to stop the Egyptian Army's murderous, unmitigated and continual tyranny.

It is high time UNO woke up to send a team of investigators to probe Cairo killings and to take full stock of human rights violations being committed in that country, with a view to eventually taking every culprit before a special international tribunal to account for every heinous crime against the innocent people of Egypt. It is time the civilized world, especially the Islamic countries rise to stay the hand of the atrocities being perpetrated by a mad general, who has illegally deposed the elected government of his country, and is now bent upon crushing the supporters of democracy in Egypt

It is time also that the bad tradition of ignoring such massacres in the name of political or strategic interests, is done away with by the international community for the sake of world peace. If General Al Sisi was so sure of bringing order by force of arms, why did he not use the killing might of his Army in support of the elected President of Egypt?


Lahore, August 20.