Interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in an interview said that the only option for now is dialogue with Taliban. He also says that there is no pre-condition for such dialogues and we should display positive attitude. Probably the minister knows about the Taliban better than the common citizens of Pakistan. As far as the people are concerned they know that the Taliban do not recognize the constitution of Pakistan and they do not consider democracy a legitimate system. If the Taliban have changed their stance, then they might have informed the Interior minister. Would the minister be kind enough to inform the people of Pakistan about the recent Taliban views on constitution and democracy?

One wonders about what is positive for the Taliban! Is bombing innocent men, women and children a positive gesture or trying to sabotage the elections in Pakistan a positive act? Breaking jails in Bannu and D I Khan is positive or slaughtering of Shiah prisoners in D I Khan positive? Is the killing of ANP leaders positive or target killing of the MQM workers in Karachi a positive step. Stopping women voters from casting their votes is positive or distributing pamphlets in Waziristan which state that if a woman is found voting then she will be kidnapped and killed, maybe we can put a positive spin on all these acts by applying political insight! It is a humble request to the Interior minister, by the people of Pakistan, to shed some light so that we, the ignorant, can understand him and the Taliban better.


Islamabad, August 26.