Maulana Akbar Saeed Farooqi the spokesman of Ahle Sunnat wal Jama’t (ASWJ) died of bullet wounds when he was shot near Safari Park, Karachi after returning from a rally organised by his party at Lasbela Chowk on Sunday evening. Maulana Aurangzeb Farooqi has said that FIRs will be lodged against the Sindh govt. and the Karachi Police for not providing adequate security to the late Maulana, and, if the FIRS are not registered then an agitation would take place.

However, what has not been made clear as yet is who would be blamed in the FIR’s will the Sindh govt be blamed – that is: the Home Minister, the Chief Minister or the Governor? Incidentally, as the President was also present in Karachi on the day of the murder and there is a precedence as well of a president (Musharraf) indicted for not providing security to a political leader (BB), hope the president will not be named as the prime accused in the FIR!


Rawalpindi, August 27.