Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) Buland Akhtar Rana has said that the Auditor General functions under Constitution and not the parliament, adding that he is no less powerful than the Parliament.

Talking to the journalists here on Thursday, he added that he possessed secrets of all stalwarts and if he was victimized, he would unveil their faces. “I’ve been given authority by the constitution and not any minister or prime minister. So, I am not answerable to any of them,” he declared. He said that only Supreme Judicial Council could carry out his accountability. He said that the corruption had become rampant and it had become difficult to control it because of absence of action on audit reports compiled by his office. He disclosed that the Auditor General office had sent audit report to the president of Pakistan regarding financial irregularities in Election Commission of Pakistan but no action was taken so far as the parliament did not hold any discussion on them.

He said that the Auditor General was guard of public money and it was his constitutional obligation to secure public exchequer. “We have to say a big no to ministers, prime ministers and even presidents. It creates a bad impression but we have to do this as we’ve been empowered by the constitution to do so,” he maintained. He said that if he was invited respectfully, he would appear before the Public Accounts Committee but if anyone tried to insult the reports of Auditor General, he was not bund to appear before the committee.

He told the journalists that massive corruption took place during previous regime and the audit report regarding five years of previous government surfaced now. He added that a former federal minister in previous government Khurshid Shah was now opposition leader and head of Public Accounts Committee, so how could he present audit report against him.

He said that the case sent against him to Supreme Judicial Council by the government was baseless and it was no more than a non-sense attempt to defame him. He declared that he would appear before the judicial council, adding that if any minister summoned him for consultation, he would see him but if anyone summoned him as a subordinate he would refuse. He said that his office sent audit reports of last five years to the president, who sent them to the parliament but the parliament did not hold discussion on them so far. He asked media to create awareness among masses so that they could question the parliament as to why it did not hold discussions on audit reports every year.

To a query, he alleged that he was being victimized for being the resident of South Punjab. “Since I am from this region and I was appointed by former Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani, many big-wigs can’t accept me. That is why I am being teased. Either my salary is stopped, or the issue of citizenship is risen and then anyother issue is tossed,” he lamented. He categorically declared that he would not seek pardon and continue his work with the powers granted to him by the constitution.