LAHORE - The political turmoil is going to be resolved after the army chief’s positive mediation first time ever in the country’s history. At the same time, the concerns, expressed by various politicians, media and civil society about any unconstitutional step, would also dry out. Apparently, an acceptable formula is likely to come up today that would provide the winging claims to all the stakeholders.

PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri has a separate agenda. He has not stepped in the electoral politics yet, so he would celebrate his victory for a long time. But all the politicians, including from the government and opposition benches, would badly realise one day that they are on the losing side in the whole episode.

Though democratic societies are prone to face political crises but politicians show maturity and manage to resolve them amicably, strengthening democracy.

In Pakistan, the Parliament House possess a voice but its resolutions gave birth to an atmosphere of confrontation instead of reconciliation. On the other side, PTI chairman Imran Khan’s inflexible attitude was also not different to it.

At the same time, the rulers were lacking a team that could show maturity and resolve the political turmoil. In first phase of the crisis, the government was facing a major loss as it was seemingly going to diminish from power after the Sareena Chowk and Red Zone. If the crisis is resolved, it would strengthen the impression that the politicians are not capable enough to settle their difference in political terms. And if the politicians cannot do so than how they would be able to lead the country out of crises.