ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Army's intervention on the request of ruling PML-N to act as mediator and guarantor between the marchers and the government calmed the flaring tension and anxiety ruling over the Constitution Avenue for the last one week.

Tension prevailed on the Constitution Avenue Thursday evening after the expiry of PTI and PAT deadlines and no deal could be reached between the government and the protestors.

PAT chief Tahir ul Qadri, who had called for the final call in his speech scheduled at 6pm, started his speech 30 minutes later.

In his long speech, he rejected the FIR registered by the government regarding the Model Town incident for not including anti-terrorism sections in the FIR.

Seemed confused, tired and anxious, Qadri talked over his mobile phone many times while his party members continued to whisper in his ears, during his speech.

The protesters were anxiously waiting for any final announcement but Qadri continued to level allegations on the government and pointing out loopholes of the system.

The situation was almost the same in the PTI enclave, some meters away from PAT area. Clad in white shalwar suit Imran Khan along with his lieutenants were present at the container, but zeal and zest was missing. Shiekh Rashid also seemed exhausted.

"I was thinking of a semi-final but seems like we will play a final today," Khan was telling his listeners in an emotionless tone.

Khan has been delivering the stereotype speeches since August 14, when his Azadi March took off from Lahore. Since that day he has been giving and extending their deadlines.

But it was different Thursday evening; Khan seemed to be waiting for something. At around 09.28pm Jehangir Tarin came up on the roof of PTI container and made a long whisper in Khan's ear. He covered his mouth with his hands apparently for more privacy or to avoid noise.

Khan managed to start his story that why he came into politics but his face expressions were now completely changed. He seemed relaxed and happy.

In the PAT enclave Qadri out of emotion congratulated his followers.

"We just have received a message from Army; they are offering they can play a role of mediator and guarantor between the government and us (PTI and PAT), shall we accept the proposal, all who are in favor raise your hands," Qadri said while addressing the gathering at around 10:15 pm.

From the PTI chief this announcement came after PAT. "Army has given us a message to stop by tomorrow, we will celebrate the whole night tomorrow", he said in excitement.

After telling his supporters to come back again on Friday, Khan with Jehangir Tarin left for somewhere to meet the army leadership.

Jehangir Khan Tarin, known as the financer of PTI, has been reportedly mediating between Imran Khan and Army since the start of Long March.

The protesters, who has been sitting on the road and bearing taxing weather day and night, showed mixed reaction over the new development.

"We came here to oust Nawaz Sharif, however, we respect our leader more than that, we will do whatever Allama Sahib decides," said Ume Kalsoom, a protestor.

PTI workers were all praise to Army, however, some policemen praised the government, who avoided using force against the protesters.

"It is our victory, but at the same time I'm happy on army intervention; it is a win-win situation for us all and we hope that army would oust Nawaz and end regime of corruption," said Imran Mujtaba, a PTI protestor.

It was jubilation among thousands of policemen called from different parts of the country to avert any law and order situation by the protesters.

Some of them got rid of their heavy riot gear, while some just laid down on the ground. "Thank God, things have got settled; now we can go to our homes," said Majeed Jillani, a policemen of Multan.