The viewers of the PTV and listeners of PBC flayed the policy of both the state-run institutions “over presenting one-sided views and concealing the facts” especially regarding the present political crisis and the PTI and PAT sit-ins in Islamabad.

The viewers and listeners said that they wanted to know the actual situation in the country but the organisations’ role had badly damaged their credibility.

People from different walks of life said that if the government had to use PBC and PTV just for its projection what was the justification to charge taxes from public as the people had different political and religious affiliations. It would be better make PTV and PBC acceptable for all the people, they added. They also criticised the performance of Radio Pakistan, Bahawalpur over neglecting the local intellectuals and journalist over the current political situation for fair comments.

Meanwhile, a large number of people of the city appreciated the determination of the participants of Islamabad sit-ins, and said that such commitment proved that the nation could achieve the goal to make the country strong, stable, progressive, prosperous and self-reliant with unity and could easily face all challenges and hardship.

They were of the view that the PTI and PAT had set up new examples of struggle and hopefully the leadership of both the parties would utilise energies for the betterment of the people.