The Vice Chancellor basically a social scientist. He has taught  sociology in world renowned  universities  of  USA and other countries. He has also worked in the United Nations in different capacities. He is a man of ideas. His vision is very clear. He   is   an   educationist   par excellence.   He   is   a   humble personality   having   a   vast knowledge  in  different  fields. He  is  a  dynamic,  vibrant  and  charismatic   personality.   He took the charge of UOG in 2006 as  Vice  Chancellor.  UOG  has flourished   much   during   his tenure. He has made personal relationship   with   the   civil society  of  Gujrat,  Gujranwala and Sialkot.This fact has helped him very much to make UOG better and then the best. UOG has achieved a prominent place among   Pakistani   universities during the chancellorship of Dr Mohammad  Nizamuddin  is  a committed   personality.   UOG has  thrivedin  a  short  span  of time    because    of    his commitment  to  his  work.  His    aim  is  not  only  to  educate students   but   their   character building is also his priority. For this   purpose   he   has   deep interaction   level   with   the faculty and students. He takes personal interest in the matters  of students and tries best for the solution of students' problems. This   task   has   made   him prominent among the students and  they  respect  him  deep  in their hearts.