The long standing demand of female students have been accepted by the Punjab government to introduce MA classes in the Post Graduate Block constructed adjacent to the Government Islamia Degree College for Women Hafizabad, said the principal.

Zahida Nasreen Bhatti said that initially only MA English classes had been introduced and admission for the discipline would start from the current academic year.

The students who have recently passed the BA examination have called upon the government to ensure introduction of Islamiyat, Political Science and other subjects during the current academic year.

400 PYE-DOGS CULLED: Due to numerous dog bites in and around the city, the Health Department has launched campaign to cull pye-dogs to save the inhabitants from the menace. In this connection, the administration had given warning to the negligent personnel for not eliminating the pye-dogs in 42 union councils of the district. The EDO health claimed that during the past two days, 400 pye-dogs have been eliminated.