Nawabzada    Tahirul Muluk  is  a  prominent personality  of  famous Nawabzada  family  of  Gujrat. He  has  enhanced  the  name, respect   and   dignity   of   that family. He is a humble, peaceful and committed personality. He is a symbol of nobility. He has always   worked   for   politics based  on  brotherhood,  peace and   humanism.   Nawabzada Tahirul mMuluk has influenced the politics of Gujrat district in anoble way. He has no faith in the politics of aggression. He is recognized as a true leader of the people. Nawabzada Tahirul Muluk has not only gained fame in the field of politics but he has also earned fame as a businessman in Gujranwal Division. In recent elections, MNA Nawabzada Mazhar Ali Khan, MPA Nawabzada Haider Mehdi and MPA Major (R) Moeen Nawaz has been succeeded because of the endless services and efforts of Nawabzada  Tahirul  Muluk.  In the election campaign of newly elected MPA Nawabzada Haider Mehdi, he worked day and night. The masses of NA- 104 consider him as a hero. Thisprominent figure of Nawabzada  family  believes  in brotherhood,   equity,   social justice and ethical values. He is working    hard    for    the development of his area. He is anoble politician having statesmanship. His policies have left good effects on the politics of Gujrat district. No doubt, the people of Gujrat in general and the workers of PPP particularly are satisfied  with his performance. They believe that their representatives are serving the country patriotically. Nawabzada Tahirul Muluk has always shared the distress of the people of Gujrat and has remained directly  in  coordination  with them.   Nawabzada   Tahirul Muluk has not only illuminated the name of his ancestors but he has enhanced the nobility of their good cause. He is considered among some of most important personalities of Gujrat.   He   is   a   popular personality of his constituency and   everybody   respects   him wholeheartedly.