Pak Fan is the leading name in the Fan Industry of Pakistan. Standard, innovation and beauty always remained its motto. Founded before partition (1945) by Al-Haaj Abdul Wahid, it developed through thick and thin. Mian Amanullah Managing Director and Mian Ahsan Ullah the Chief Executive, Wahid Electricals proved to be the true heirs of Abdul Wahid and made the enterprise a “Symbol of Choice” in the world. They become successful in achieving the sincere commitment of Mian Shafiqullah Director Electrical Engineering in enhancing the quality of products. Whaid Electricals, is lucky enough for having the devotion of work of Mian Salimullah who shaped the financial policies into the realities. It is why the products have reached in the every nook and cranny of the world. The company now has fully established with the symbol of credibility.

Pak Fans, at present, is preparing 80 different models of fans. Beautifully designed Split Unit Air Conditioner, Air Room Cooler has been added to its outputs. Wahid Industries has an edge of receiving ISO 9002.

 It is the industry which has consistently clinched the “trophy in exports” since 1999. Equipped with the modern machinery, the enterprise has been preparing enamel copper wire for the usage of its own since 1981. Being the energy conscious, the accessories of Whaid Electricals have been used by the most of our population in Pakistan.