Sheikh  Abdul  Rashid  is performing his duties as Director    Media    & Publications,   University   of Gujrat   (UOG).   He   is   a prominent  columnist  and  his columns are published regularly in the esteemed newspapers of Pakistan. He has a positive point of view regarding the structure of modern Pakistani society. He has  got  his  education  in  the disciplines of History and Politics but he has a true love for the literatures of Pakistan. His knowledgeable, research based, analytical  and  critical  articles often appeared in the national press and are appreciated by a large circle of his readers. He has a modern outlook about Pakistani society and culture. His columns are being published by daily Jang,Jahan- e-Pakistan,Pakistan, Nawa-e- Waqt, and other prominent newspapers. He has his own lively style of presenting his thoughts.He has a deep knowledge about the politics of Pakistan and has participated in many current affairs programs of different channels. He is a patron of different literary and research societies in UOG. Many students get inspiration from his knowledge and personality. He has always tried to educate the students in informal way. He has helped them in character building. According to him critical viewpoint is essential to reform the existing social norms of our society. The students of UOG respect him because of his integrity and balanced thoughts. He is playing an important role for the development and progress of UOG through his writings. He is not only a good writer but an orator too. He has hosted many important conferences and seminars of UOG. He has edited a lot of books published by UOG Press.