S: How do you feel about the nuclear plant being built on the shores of Karachi?

A: I think it’s not a bad idea. We need to have some sort of solution for the energy crisis, or else Karachi will barely see electricity in the coming times, the way things are progressing.

S: Better management of existing electricity providing systems can address that issue. Its not like if we don’t build a nuclear power plant in the most populated city in the country, we’ll be transported back to the Stone Age.

A: What is your problem with nuclear energy? If we can use it in abundance to build nuclear weapons why can’t we use it for something positive like generating energy? It is a clean and safe fuel source.

S: It is not safe at all! They have ignored major security and environmental concerns. In case of a nuclear leak or they claim that only 5km radius needs to be evacuated. Considering the population of Karachi, do you think that’s reasonable? And this is underplaying this figure as it is. The wind from the sea can blow radioactive substance to vast areas.

A: That’s just a worst-case scenario. Pakistanis are more than capable to handle nuclear products, having been experienced in the field for a while. I think that the advantages outweigh the risks.

S: I disagree strongly. With all government controlled businesses and institutions, this will also go into ruins. The nuclear waste disposal is a daunting task, that if not done properly can pose huge risks to animals, humans and ecosystems.

A: Whether you agree or not, this project will go ahead. So why waste time obsessing over it?