RAHIM YAR KHAN-The Kot Sabzal Police arrested three suspects including two women and recovered 1,500 detonaters,10 kg of explosives and 10 bundles of wire here on Sunday.

The police said that the suspects were caught entering Sindh province in a car.

According to police sources, the Kot Sabzal Police stopped a silver-coloured car at a check-point on Punjab-Sindh border and searched the car. However, when the police asked the two veiled women about search of the luggage, they resisted. Upon a thorough search, the police recovered 10 kg of explosives, 1,500 detonators and 10 bundles of wire from hidden compartments of the car. The police arrested the two women and their male accomplice and started investigation.

DPO Zeeshan Asghar is on leave but when contacted SP (investigations) Irfan Samoon, his cell remained busy despite several attempts.