Altaf is good at making poisonous remarks and then begging the nation’s pardon. Last year, I heard him on a TV channel criticising state institutions and when anchor reminded him that his remarks may result in issuance of a notice of contempt, the MQM supermo said that if that is the case, he then begs apology. We are a strange nation to have such leaders who never weigh their words before spewing them, although MQM is the most organised party and only political entity that kept feudalism at bay by giving space to middle. 

But when it comes to personal cults, the MQM is not better from the rest of the political parties. In initial years, Altaf Husain might have been an energetic and visionary leader but over the years, as has been apparent from his words and actions, he seems to be afflicted with overconfidence and old age has eaten away his mental balance. 

But MQM remained stuck to him and successive government including military ones overlooked the violent side in his party. 

Once again, Altaf Husain has apologised to the army and media but the life of the media person, cannot be retained nor can the mental agony faced by media staff be compensated.  


Johi, August 26.