LAHORE (PR) - All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union (CBA) has asked for holding a referendum in WAPDA and corporatized companies all over the country like previous five referendums.

The union has prepared lists of its members in connection with the referendum. The Union had won the previous referendum by securing 77095 votes.

The other contesting trade union, WAPDA Employees Pegham Union, challenged the legal status of CBA in the Supreme Court, which had decreed in the favour of CBA on the basis of thumping majority it gained in the last referendum.

The copy of the said judgment is reproduced as below: “The learned counsel appearing for respondent has opposed this petition on the ground that the registrar had been appointed under Section 9(1) of the l R Act, 2012 to register the Union within seven days; that all the requirements were fulfilled and the registrar had rightly registered the union; that referendum was held on 29-5-2013 for the determination of Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA in the establishment of WAPDA and its allied companies), and respondent No.3 had secured 77095 votes as against the petitioner’s union, which obtained 39531 votes.

As such the referendum is declared won by the respondent No.3 with an overwhelming majority; that the petitioner has also lost the previous four referendums, and wants to defeat the respondent No.3 on technical grounds which are not available in the present case.”

Veteran trade union leader Khurshid Ahmad, also General Secretary of the Union, has appealed to WAPDA & Elecy. Companies employees to get united to make the union successful in the coming referendum so that the rights and welfare of the workers could be protected.