ISLAMABAD - Eight children have died and dozen others have been affected due to fresh viral infection of diphtheria disease in the different villages of North Waziristan Agency of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

According to the locals of North Waziristan, who recently returned to their homes in Tehsil Miranshah, diphtheria disease was spreading at Khuzai and Palangzai areas of NWA Tehsil Miranshah.

According to authorities of DHQ Bannu, several children had been admitted at Bannu hospital affected from diphtheria disease and several referred to Peshawar.

Medical Superintendent DHQ Dr Habibullah said that special isolation ward has been established for the patients of North Waziristan and victims were being provided medicines from hospital.

Officials at D.I.Khan confirmed that five children died due to this disease in South Waziristan Agency, where recently displaced people had returned.

Doctors at DHQ hospital Bannu ENT ward said that they have checked 24 patients of this disease which were brought from Miranshah and other several admitted in ENT Ward.

ENT Dr Iqbal said that special vaccine named ADS, anti-diphtherial serum and anti toxim were needed which can protect the affected children.

Dr Iqbal said that it is communicable disease which can transfer from one patient to other so patients or affected should be kept in isolation.

A local Haji Rahmat said no vaccination team has visited their area so far.

When medical superintendent Miranshah hospital Dr Muhammad Rehman contacted, he said that they had launched vaccination in the affected areas and arranged free medical camp where 400 patients have been checked and 700 vaccinated against the disease.

He said that though vaccination started but they have demanded from Directorate Health FATA to provide maximum vaccination and special vaccine ADS.

Dr Rehman also demanded from political administration to close schools and seminaries in the affected areas to avoid close constants of affected children.