SWABI - Central President of Awami National Party (ANP) Asfandyar Wali Khan said that Pakistan’s foreign and domestic policies have failed to deliver according to country’s requirements and there is an urgent need to formulate result-oriented policies.

Asfandyar said, “My origin is Afghan. I was Afghan, I am still an Afghan and I will remain Afghan in future as well.”

The ANP leader warned that peace in Pakistan is linked with restoration of peace and tranquillity in Afghanistan. “If there is disturbance in Afghanistan, Pakistan would also not remain safe. Peace and progress of the two countries is linked with each other. If anyone has any doubt, he should read the history,” he said. He was addressing a public meeting and condolence reference to mourn the killing of MPA Muhammad Shoaib Khan here on Sunday.

Shoaib, a revered ANP’s leader was known in the region as ‘Malang Baba,’ was killed by unidentified attackers inside his hujra (common guest house) on July 18.  

All the party central and provincial leadership was present on the occasion.  

The ANP president demanded that Afghan refugees should not be mistreated by Pakistani authorities.

It is a big surprise that yesterday they were ‘Mujahideen’ but today they are being pushed back to Afghanistan. 

They should be repatriated with dignity and honour, he demanded. He criticized the tactics adopted by the interiority ministry regarding the Afghan refugees. He also lamented the closure of Durand Line at Chaman and Torkhum.

The National Action Plan, he said has failed to deliver and the federal government was responsible for its failure. The leadership of the political parties has accepted the military courts to eradicate the menace of terrorism from the country, he said.

The ANP leader urged the centre to start work on the population census immediately, saying that lame excuses were adopted for the postponement of census, alleging that the federal government’s main objective is to maintain the domination of Punjab province over other federating units.

“In fact, there is no real justification to delay the census anymore,” he said.

About Federal Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) he said that parliamentarians of the tribal belt had already moved a resolution for amendment in the constitution and that should be incorporated in the country’s statute book.

Secondly, he demanded that representation should be given to them in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly.

Asfandyar talked about ‘Non-Violence Philosophy’ of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, saying that they stick with the same philosophy and bearing the burden of killing of ANP’s peaceful leaders and workers was crystal proof of their resolve.

“The number of our workers and leaders killed in the militant attacks has reached an alarming proportion,” he said. The killing or targeting of a single more leader or worker of the party would not be tolerated by the ANP leadership. 

Asfandyar continued that it is first and foremost responsibility of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to provide security to ANP leaders who are on hit list of the militants. It’s a well-organised conspiracy against the red shirt leaders/workers who rendered many sacrifices. The party workers follow the non-violence philosophy of Bacha Khan and their patience and resolve against terrorism could not be shattered through such coward acts, he said. He said that the attacks and targeting of the party leaders started before 2013 general election and did not stop during the last four years.