ISLAMABAD - Indian lobby after destroying career of Pakistan’s top squash player Nasir Iqbal is once again trying to take revenge their loss in World Junior Squash Championship, by levelling serious allegations against top Pakistani junior players.

Highly placed sources while talking to The Nation have confirmed that India along with Malaysia and few other countries had started lobbying and using influence on World Squash Federation to dethrone Pakistan team by claiming two players Israr Ahmed and Abbas Shoukat were overage.

The claim is rubbish one as both players are playing at juniors’ level for some time and so is the allegation and the manner of the allegation. If WSF or PSA or even Asian Squash Federation had any doubts regarding certain players ages, then they should have raised age scrutiny issue prior to the start of the world juniors or even during the event. Now when Pakistan had managed to win the title purely due to their professional approach and players’ hard work after eight years gap, why they are not ready to accept their defeat? Why eyebrows are being raised and blame game has started after Pakistan victory?

The age scrutiny issue is not new one and the WSF and ASF are fully aware of this menace. They need to take tough measures to ensure no country or individual having doubts could appear in an international or even national event and it is purely the WSF and ASF fault if they failed to apply tough and strict rules during an event. Why only Pakistani players and that too when they win titles are under radar? Why Indians, Egyptians and Malaysian players always get special treatment? Indian’s are well-known for conspiracy theories when things are not getting in their favour. Kush Kumar and others are prime example. Indians had fielded overage players in number of international events but they always get away from any punishment.

It is also Pakistan Squash Federation’s lenient approach, which allows Indians and others to point fingers at them. The PSF must come up with clear cut stance. Israr had played in Asian Juniors and won that title; he won US Junior Open, why at that time no objection was raised? When Pakistan lost finals for last 8 years or so, nobody bothered to ask questions. But whenever Pakistani players or team won titles, the WSF and others start to question one way or another.

Nasir Iqbal is a perfect example of the PSF’s soft stance. How is it possible a player’s sample for dope testing is negative two days earlier and positive after two days? It clearly indicates something is fishy. Nasir was world number 35 in February, when he won the 12th South Asian Individual Gold Medal for Pakistan but after more than 6-months his case is pending and he had suffered mentally and professionally as PSF had not taken his case what was expected from them.

He is barred from playing even exhibition matches and to make things further tough, the federation had stopped his monthly meagre stipend too for last 4 months. What iss Nasir’s fault? He didn’t accept mouth-watering offers of leaving Pakistan like others and reside abroad, why he is suffering, why federation is sleeping despite 6 long months gone. Had Nasir was an Indian player or he was representing any other country, he would have been a free man and earning lot of money and climbing PSA ladders. But he was punished for a crime he did not commit just because he is a Pakistani.

Same is the case with Israr and Abbas. The WSF is taking keen interest and focusing only on Israr and Abbas as they were instrumental in helping Pakistan land title while in others case, the WSF is least bothered.

Another highly surprising thing was articles being published in few certain websites, who claim Pakistani newspaper had raised questions over Israr and Abbas Shoukat’s actual age. Why when Pakistani newspapers filed stories based on facts are not entertained by the WSF, ASF and only particular cases are entertained that are purely against Pakistani players? It shows international and Asian bodies are biased when it comes to merit. At one end WSF Chief Executive Andrew Shelley had congratulated Pakistan for winning the title and on other hand now he wants investigation and threatening the PSF to conduct age scrutiny test of both Israr and Abbas through independent laboratory. The PSF must take a firm stand and should demand that all players must go through same process alongside Israr an Ababs. Highly placed sources have confirmed to this scribe that Andrew Shelley had written letter to Pakistan and Asian Squash Federation seeking to clarify the situation, while sources further said the WSF was also investigating claims that Pakistan fielded two over-age players while winning the World Junior Team Championship in Poland.

It is high time, the PSF must find black sheep’s within the federation, who just for meagre benefits, leak baseless stories and spread rumours against certain players and individuals, which bring lot of bad name for country. These culprits should be brought to task and given exemplary punishment so no one dare to repeat such things in future.