“There is always some madness

in love. But there is also always

some reason in madness.”

–Friedrich Nietzsche

Love has died a tragic death and we should all mourn in its loving memory. Somewhere along our lives, we have begun to seek contentment in plastic desires, material wants and practicalities. We have turned the profane into the sacred and the sacred into the profane. What we do not understand is that our life depends on our emotions. No matter how much we succeed or how great we become, we cannot survive without the appreciation and the comfort which comes from love. A man of considerable status has nothing to live for if he doesn’t have a family. If life was all about creating material comforts for ourselves, feelings would have never existed. The reason as to why relationships have begun lasting for so little is because we see them as just another material want. Ours is an era of dysfunctional families, lone person households and empty shell marriages because to us love has turned an impractical and devious phenomenon. The core values of human life lie in the institution of loving relationships. While we’re all too occupied chasing our dreams, we are losing our human touch.