The verdict of Supreme Court to ouster Nawaz Sharif has arisen the question of the validity of public votes. Do public cast votes so that any military dictator or bench of Supreme Court can make a mockery out of it by removing the elected person in the name of National Interest and controversial Articles like 62, and 63? 

It has been happening for 70 years that the elected government is either ousted by President, dictator or by Supreme Court. It has done more damage to the political culture of Pakistan and its reputation outside the world than otherwise, it could have benefitted the nation. 

Following recommendations should be taken into account while keeping in mind the current political chaos and turmoil: 

1. An elected higher public office holder should be allowed to complete his tenure by awarding him immunity against Supreme Court. So, he can focus on the issues of national interest instead of indulging himself and his cabinet to save his government from non-democratic forces. 

2. A separate website should be launched that includes the cost, budget, details of contract and track of expenditure of all the mega public projects like Metro Bus Projects, Power projects etc and more recently CPEC projects. It should be updated periodically and given the access to the public. It will thus increase the transparency of government. 

3. Institutions of accountability like NAB should be strengthened and given the authority to investigate the matters of corruption without any political prejudices and influences. 

4. Once government completes its tenure, a free and independent Audit should be carried out by competent officers of higher executive bodies. Any discrepancy found should be dealt with iron hands and according to law. 


Multan, August 12.