In a shocking incident, a young woman was allegedly sexually raped by CDA officials in Fatima Jinnah Park. As she was visiting 9f Park with her male friend soon some men entered in the park and introduced themselves as guards of the park and said they work for the CDA. She was asked by a CDA official what she was doing in the park with a boy and the girl told the alleged official she had done nothing wrong the official then also threatened to summon the girl’s parents to the police station. According to her, she was separated from her male companion where three officials including one who was a guard took her to a side and assaulted her and she was in shock and could not bring herself to lodge a complaint for four days, while she cried for help the other two officials remained unmoved and also she was threatened, to have her killed if she told anyone about the incident. Finally, it is requested to the Government, a strict action should be taken so that other women must not fall prey to these criminals. 


Kech, August 8.