ISLAMABAD - Joint Investigation Team Head on Panama Papers case Wajid Zia Tuesday informed the Accountability Court that Hussain Nawaz despite various reminders of the JIT did not provide the relevant documents relating to the income and annual cash flow of the Hill Metal Establishment.

During cross-questioning of defence counsel Khawaja Harris in Al-Azizia and Flagship references, Wajid Zia told the court that Hussain Nawaz was summoned multiple times and was reminded to provide the record relating to annual cash flow and income details of the Hill Metal Establishment but he did not cooperate with the JIT.

It is imperative to identify assets of any particular company to have information about annual income and cash flow of any company, Zia added. He also stated that as documents and desired record were not provided by Hussain Nawaz to JIT, therefore any specific data in this regard was not made part of the JIT report.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was also produced in the Accountability Court from Adiyala Jail fifth time in tight security.

On entering the court, Nawaz Sharif inquired about a reporter of a media group and pointed towards a news story published in an Urdu daily. Nawaz stated that this news story was attributed to him whereas he did not issue any such statement against the Pakistan People’s Party.

When the former premier was asked by a journalist regarding the prevailing conduct of PPP, Nawaz replied that he did not want to comment on the issue as yet.

During the proceeding, when cross-questioning of Khawaja Harris gets prolonged on the Qatari letters, Judge Accountability Court Arshad Malik expressed his displeasure and remarked that cross-questioning is made on contradictions and not on the content.

Whatever is written in the Qatari Prince letters “I will read it myself”, remarked Judge Accountability Court Arshad Malik.

Replying to the questions of defence counsel, JIT head Wajid Zia told the court that different members of JIT drafted different portions assigned to them, adding he cannot reveal which member of the team drafted which specific part.

When the defence counsel asked about financial statements of the Hill Metal Establishment, Wajid Zia said that he is not expert in financial and economic affairs but he can answer confidentially relating to all the statistics available in the Panama JIT report.

There are details available regarding the net profit of the Hill Metal in Volume 6 of JIT report. When asked about particulars of net profit by Khawaja Harris, Zia did not reply for a moment.

Later the hearing was adjourned, which will be resumed today.