The Khawar Maneka and Pakpattan District Police Officer (DPO) Rizwan Gondal controversy has been making rounds on both social and mainstream media. The story itself is getting confusing by the day due to lack of concrete evidence and the difference in the statements by the higher-ups. Khawar Maneka was allegedly pulled over for overspeeding, which is against the law and there is absolutely nothing wrong if the police officials try and stop them. However in a twist of events, instead of cooperating, Khawar Maneka allegedly misbehaved with the DPO.

This behavior should be a cause of concern for the party in the government - especially when it claims to end the VIP culture in Pakistan. The fact that Khawar Maneka had the space to involve Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Usman Buzdar in the matter and get the DPO transferred shows that there is the undue use of the authority granted to individuals. This matter needs to be looked into to set the right precedent - similar to the one we have seen in Imran Shah’s case.

With confusion abound, a clear statement by the police on the facts – which explains the chain of events – would have gone a long way in establishing some certainty. Unfortunately the police statement obfuscated more. Inspector General Punjab’s clarification – that the officer was transferred for misbehaving – does not account for why the highest ranking bureaucrats and elected politicians had to get involved or why such a drastic action needed to be taken. Furthermore, the statement confuses the masses; because the local police testify to what Gondal says happened, whereas, IGP has a very different stance on it.

The matter needs to be properly investigated. The problem here is the alleged abuse of authority and the political advantage granted to non-political actors due to the influence that they garner themselves. More than a police matter, this is a question of politics.