Rs630b non-tax revenues collected

ISLAMABAD (APP): The non-tax revenues of the federal government were recorded at Rs 630,378 million during the fiscal year 2017-18, according to the data of Finance Ministry. Out of the total non-tax revenue, the mark up (provinces) was recorded at 16,221 million while the mark-up of PSEs and others stood at Rs87,769 million. Likewise, the dividend during the fiscal year under review stood at Rs57,454 million, profits of post office departments/PTA Rs15,892 while the surplus profit of State Bank of Pakistan was recorded at Rs233,187 million. According to the data, the non-tax defence revenues were recorded at Rs12,779 million, passport fee Rs15,932 million, discount retained on Crude price Rs9,110 million, royalties on oil and gas Rs58,216 million, windfall levy against crude oil Rs3,904 million, petroleum levy on LPG Rs2,122 million while the other non-tax revenues were recorded at Rs117,793 million. Meanwhile, during the fiscal year under review that total revenues stood at Rs4,065,788 million including Rs3,842,148 taxes collected by FBR and Rs223,640 other taxes.

Among FBR taxes, the government collected Rs1,536,636 as direct taxes and Rs2,305,512 as indirect taxes including Rs608,325 customs duties, Rs1,491,310 sales tax and Rs205,877 as federal excise.

Among the other taxes, the government collected Rs5,349 million as other taxes (ICT), Rs29 million airport tax, Rs15,176 million Gas Infrastructure Development Cess and Rs24,212 natural gas development surcharge.

The government collected an amount of Rs178,874 as petroleum levy during the outgoing fiscal year 2017-18, the data revealed.

160,500 workers sent abroad: BEOE

ISLAMABAD (APP): As many as 160,500 skilled and unskilled workers have proceeded to other countries for employment through the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment (BEOE) during January 1 to June 30, 2018. An official source told APP here Tuesday, he said a total of 0.5 million persons went abroad for employment in the year 2017 through the Bureau, 946,571 in the year 2015 and 839,353 in the year 2016. He said that since the year 1971 to 2018 (upto June ), more than ten million Pakistanis have proceeded abroad through BEOE. During the year 2015, he said the highest number of Pakistanis (946,571) have proceeded abroad for employment. More than 96 per cent Pakistanis have proceeded to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and about one percent to European countries and other developed countries. Whereas three percent have proceeded to Malaysia, Libya, South Korea and other countries of the world, he said. He said BEOE, is functioning as an attached department of the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis.

and Human Resource Development, and is responsible to control and regulate emigration process.

The bureau also facilitate supervise and monitor the activities of Overseas Employment Promoters (OEPs) and advise the federal government on emigration and procedures.

Over 0.231m cars manufactured in 2018

ISLAMABAD (APP): The production of cars and jeeps witnessed 21.35 percent increase during the fiscal year 2017-18 against the output of the same period of last fiscal year, PBS reported. As many as 231,138 jeeps and cars were manufactured during July-June (2017-18) against the production of 190,466 units during July-June (2016-17), showing growth of 21.35pc. The production of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) witnessed an increase of 19.74pc in production during the period under review by growing from 24,265 units last year to 29,055 LCVs during 2017-18. The production of motorcycles during the period under review increased by 12.97 percent by growing from the output of 2,500,650 units last year to 2,825,073 units during 2017-18. The production of trucks also increased from 7,712 units last year to 9,187 units, showing growth of 19.13pc while the production of tractors increased by 33.20pc, from 53,975units to 71,894 units. However, the production of buses during the period under review witnessed negative growth of 29.87pc by going down.

From the output of 1,118 units to 784 units.

Meanwhile, on year-on-year basis, the production of jeeps and cars increased by 40.90 percent during the month of June 2018 against the output of June 2017.

Pakistan manufactured 16,234 jeeps and cars during June 2018 against the production of 11,522 units during June 2017, the PBS data revealed.

The production of motorcycles increased by 6.81 percent by growing from the output of 204,804 units to 218,745 units while the production LCVs also increased by 40.28 percent, from 1,338 units to 1,877 units.

The production of tractors also witnessed upward growth of 15.21 percent by growing from 3,926 units in June 2017 to 4,523 units in June 2018 while the production of trucks witnessed growth of 5.76 percent by going up from the output of 608 units in June 2017 to 643 units in June 2018.

However, the output of buses declined by 6.67 percent by falling from 75 units to 70 units, the data revealed.

It is pertinent to mention here that the overall Large Scale Manufacturing Industries (LSMI) of the country witnessed growth of 5.38 percent during the year 2017-18 compared to last year.

The country's LSMI Quantum Index Numbers (QIM) was recorded at 147.07 points during July-June (2017-18) against 139.55 points during July-June (2016-17), showing growth of over 5.38 per cent.

The highest growth of 13.24 percent was witnessed in the indices monitored by Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC) followed by 5.04 percent growth in the products monitored by Ministry of Industries and 1.17 percent growth in Provincial Bureaus of Statistics (PBOS).

On yearly basis, the industrial growth increased by 0.51 percent during June 2018 as compared to same month of last year, however, on monthly basis, the industrial growth decreased by 8.3 percent in June 2018 when compared to growth of May 2018, the PBS data revealed.

Fruits, vegetables exports increase

ISLAMABAD (APP): Fruits and vegetables exports from the country during first month of current financial year registered growth of 54 percent and 3.12 percent respectively as compared the corresponding month of last year. During the month of August, 2018 about 33,057 metric tons of fresh fruits of different kinds worth US$ 30.019 million exported, which was recorded at 17,072 metric tons valuing US$ 19.493 million of same month of last year. According the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, 38,941 metric tons of vegetables worth US$ 10.647 million exported as against the exports of 27,971 metric tons valuing US$ 10.325 million of same period of last year, it added. Meanwhile, country earned US$ 4.351 million by exporting about 1,140 metric tons as against 950 metric tons valuing US$ 3.339 million of same month of last year, it added. During the period under review, rice exports grew by 2.85 percent and about 212,518 metric tons of rice worth US$ 110.966 million exported as against the exports of 190,455 metric tons valuing US$ 107.893 million of same period of last year.

In July about 37,661 metric tons of basmati rice worth US$ 34.832 million exported as compared the exports of 31,433 metric tons valuing US$ 33.91 million of the corresponding month of last year.

During the period under review, about 174,857 metric tons of rice other then basmati worth US$ 76.138 million exported during the period under review as against the exports of 159,022 metric tons worth US$ 74.802 million of same period last year, it added.