In the first round of talks between the two countries over India's violation of the Indus Waters Treaty on Wednesday, Pakistan objected upon the two controversial water storage and hydropower projects undertaken by India on Chenab River.

The initial talks between the two countries' officials concluded in Islamabad this evening. The Indian delegates were told by the Pakistani officials that they had issues with the design of Pakal Dul and Lower Kalnai hydropower plants, demanding a reduction in height of Pakal Dul Dam by 5 metres.

They also demanded that the gates of Pakal Dul spillway should be elevated by 40 metres further above the sea-level and clarifying the procedure of leaving water from the reservoir. Since 2013, the two countries have held talks on these projects at least seven times. The second round of ongoing talks would be held on Thursday.

The nine-member Indian delegation at the talks was headed by Indian Water Commissioner PK Saxena, which reached Pakistan via Wagah border a day earlier. The Pakistani delegation was headed by Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters Syed Meher Ali Shah.

The projects undertaken by India on Chenab River violate the Indus Waters Treaty signed between the two countries.