Seminar highlights ways to avoid diabetes mellitus

2018-08-28T23:50:44+05:00 Our Staff Reporter

SADIQABAD-Showing concerns over rising number of diabetes patients during an address to a seminar, a medical expert lamented the fact that Pakistan was amongst the five countries across the globe where every tenth person was a victim of diabetes mellitus.

The seminar was held to create awareness among Sadiqabadians regarding precautionary measures to avoid diabetes. It was presided over by renowned physician and diabetes specialist Dr Sadiq Zia.

Throwing light on the causes of diabetes, Dr Zia said that obesity, unhealthy foods' consumption and people's reluctance to get involved in physical activities were the main causes behind the increasing number of diabetes patients in Pakistan. "There are 9 million diabetes patients in Pakistan and this number is likely to reach 14 million within next 25 years if stringent steps are not ensured for its control," he maintained. He said that diabetes was curable if caught at initial stage, adding that it could cause potential damage to one's health if left untreated. He advised diabetes patients not to take the disease lightly because it could badly affect bodily organs even at its initial stage. He urged them to take healthy food and medicines prescribed by doctor for proper functioning of all external and internal body parts i.e. heart, brain, liver, eyes, etc. He also advised them to get their insulin level examined on a regular basis so that any increase in blood sugar levels could be treated timely.

Highlighting ways to avoid diabetes which can convert into a lethal disease if not treated properly, he said that diabetes could be cured or decreased to a minor level through regular exercise, medicines, and healthy food intake. He also described the importance of exercise for diabetes patients, saying that physical exercise caused pancreas to secrete insulin which maintained sugar level in human body. "It also helps the body maintain cholesterol level in blood which controls all those factors that lead towards heart attack or paralysis," he said.

Drs M Saleem Kamboh, Ahmed Deen Malik, Waseem Khaliq, Ali Zafar, Asim Majeed, Ehsanul Haq, Nisar Ahmed Ch, Gohar, Farooq Ehsan, and others attended the seminar.

Labourer's house reduced to ashes

A labourer's house was gutted in a fire erupted due to a short circuit in electricity wires at Chak 142 here the other day. The fire engulfed the entire mud-brick house, burnt it to ashes and the household goods worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. The poor labourer could build a mud-brick house during his life which was fallen prey to the fire incident. Locals told The Nation that they were facing low voltage and power tripping problems over the past many days which had burnt their electronic appliances. They demanded the authorities concerned resolve the issue.


Passengers suffer as New General Bus Stand lacks requisite facilities. They do not find seating and clean drinking water at the bus stand. They also complain about the theft incidents at the bus stand. They said that the old buses should park at Old Bus Stand, and air-conditioned buses should be parked at the new one. They also demanded from the bus stand management to establish separate terminals for air-conditioned and non air-conditioned buses. They also demanded seating for passengers, especially for women and the elderly ones.

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