lahore  - APWC General Secretary Khurshid Ahmad urged the Prime Minister and Adviser Finance to implement the decisions of the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan declaring that the employees of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation (PTCL) are entitled to be paid 70percent of their pay as pension. The decisions have been made since long whereas the old age employees have been dying every now and then without availing their lawful right said APWC General Secretary. Further he demanded that, the Government of Pakistan should withdraw the restriction imposed upon workers employed in NADRA, Railways, Banks, Civil Aviation in accordance with the Guaranteed Fundamental rights enshrined under Article 17-A of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. While talking to media Mr.Khurshid insisted that, the Federal Government and the Provincial Governments should adopt the policy of National Economic Self Reliance and should take measures to control Price Hike of essential commodities.