The worst issue in our country is the division we have in our rows. We as a nation are divided on the linguistic, sectarian, provincial and political basis. We do not need any enemy outside our country as we are enough for each other to give a tough time owing to which all of us are badly suffering but do not realize it. For instance, the federal government wants to build dams but people of Sindh oppose construction of dams primarily because of its location and owing to justified/unjustified apprehensions that Punjab would stop water share of Sindh. Punjab needs to address the apprehensions of people of Sindh and go-ahead to build the dams so that Pakistan could be able to store water as experts have already threatened that in forthcoming years Pakistan could face scarcity of water.

People of Karachi are lamenting these days for cleanliness of the biggest city of the country besides many other issues like choked sewerage lines, dilapidated roads, transportation, drainage system etc. But as the existing provincial government has not been voted by the people of Karachi, the provincial government is giving deaf ear to these issues in the same way when former provincial government of Sindh formed by the votes of people of Karachi had done the same in the areas where they did not have their vote bank in Karachi. This is called tit for tat. The incumbent provincial government should put aside the political differences and work for the betterment of the city so that they might get more votes from Karachi.

The most horrifying division is the sectarian one that we Muslims are divided in different sects and do not ready to endure each other being Muslims although then why we blame people of other religions that they are doing unfair with us. We are ready to fight for the religion but not ready to act according to the religion and it only happens so because we as a nation do not possess sound knowledge about Islam. “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

Every now and then we hear demand of separate provinces in the country owing to multiple reasons like the demise of a merit system for recruitment, unfulfilled rights and many other grievances for which specific group of people is deprived. But we as a Nation are neither ready to address their grievances nor in favor of separate provinces.

We have to think as a Nation that united we stand divided we fall and it can only be possible if we take care of rights of other people/communities living in our country and prefer them over us. Let’s unite before it is too late.