LAHORE    -   Renowned actress Naimal Khawar Khan, who tied knot with Hamza Ali Abbasi clarified in a tweet that she left acting nine months ago and that the decision was entirely hers.

Writing on twitter, Naimal said, “Thank you so much, everyone, for the wonderful wishes and prayers for me and Hamza as we embark on this new journey in our lives. Now that the wedding is over, I would like to address a few things.”

She went on to add: “First, I am a consenting adult woman capable of making my own decisions and this narrative of ‘saving me’ is nothing short of demeaning my right to choose for myself.”

She further added: “Second, while I understand that public figures are always subject to criticism even when it’s their personal life choices, please don’t distort facts. I left acting nine months ago and the decision was entirely mine. Don’t spread false news to sensationalise someone’s special day.”

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi tied the knot with Naimal Khawar Khan in a private Nikkah reception at the picturesque Monal Restaurant on Sunday.

Photos circulating on social media showed the duo all smiles as they signed the nuptials and posed for the camera.

The bride, of Anaa fame, donned a light gold ethnic ensemble, with matching jewelry and minimal makeup. The groom was dressed in a white kurta shalwar with a matching waistcoat.