wah cantt    -   The officials of land record management centre Taxila observed strike against manhandling of their in-charge allegedly by a local PTI leader who subjected him to torture  besides attempting to abduct him as well as threatening him. The protesting officials said they would not resume the work till acceptance of their demand of registration of case against the accused and his companions.

The strike suspended all types of land record provision and land transfer in twin cities of Taxila and Wah causing immense problems for the litigants, especially who came from different parts of the country.

According to the report lodged with Taxila Police by Assistant Director Land Record Aqif Javaid, copy of which is available with this reporter, a local PTI leader along with a number of his companions armed with pistols entered the land record management centre on Wednesday and manhandled the in-charge and threatened him. The application further states that as the said persons made an attempt to abduct him, he got refuge in nearby chambers of lawyers.

To register their protest, the officials of land record management centre observed complete pen down strike by locking the centre and suspended every type of public service including issuance of land record.

When contacted, Assistant Director Aqif Javaid accused the local PTI leader for mounting pressure over him for some transfer of land and when he refused due to legal reasons, he attacked him in his office with his supporters.

Responding a question about leaving his post, he confirmed that he had been transferred by the orders of higher authorities and he would leave the seat after the new official resumes the charge.